We are home safe...so much to pray about...

Good Morning everyone!
We arrived home safe and sound yesterday.  We have a lot to share and much more to pray about.  I did not have an opportunity to blog or access the internet long enough to blog or email in any way while we were gone.  For those who were waiting to see an update - to see our property - to see the babies - I'm so sorry!  Our trip was filled with SUPER long days and traveling, traveling, and more traveling.  [insert tired smile].  But, I have a lot to share.  I will post some pictures and a full update later tonight. 

I am sorry, this is not a teaser.  I just wanted to let everyone who has been praying for safe travels to know we are home...everyone is safe.  For those who don't know, I work for Sprint.  The first week of every month is filled with review and reconciliation of spend against our capital funded projects related to our company owned stores.  So, needless to say - today is Friday so I have my work cut out for me today. Big hugs to you all...and more to come later today!