Just a quick update, more to come as the days and weeks pass. 

In the days that followed my last blog post, petitioning for help to provide full-time employment to our dear Eddie, we donors come through to cover the total 2014 need.  I want to thank all of those who were led by the Lord to give, and gave.  I realize many of you are already financially involved with God's work in other areas, yet faithfully lifted this need up to Christ in prayer, and we are so thankful to you too.  God showed up and it was GOOD! 

Last night we called Eddie, with our entire board on the phone (no one wanted to miss the opportunity to hear his voice when we were able to offer him a full-time position that provide enough funds for his family to live, children to go to school, and know he can maintain working in the ministry.  He was so overwhelmed.  He sounded tired when we called, was waiting up to talk to us, because Troy told him we would talk to him Saturday or Sunday.  The night was wearing on, and he was tired.  I didn't know he was waiting up, but he sure sounded tired.  But, after the time sunk in, as he was on the call he became giddy, laughing and making jokes.  The burdens of his life were beginning to lift.  After we released the board for the evening, we called Eddie back to ensure he understood some of the details of the job offer, and to answer some questions.  He was a trip; listing all his friends he would call to tell how Jesus answered his prayers.  How he had been praying for SOOOOOOO long, and now he would be living out a miracle of Jesus' work.  I can't tell you how grateful we are to all those who made this happen for Eddie.  He is beyond excited.  I am sure he barely slept last night.

We are still in need of funds to cover next year's support for his family, but I have no doubt the Lord will provide.  (2015 REMAINING NEED:  $8,100)  I am thankful to our board of directors for living in faith, and allowing us to offer Eddie the full-time position after having raised the 2014 funds.  Believing and knowing God will provide 2015 needs.  If you feel called to support Eddie's family, and this opportunity for him to work with One Step In Faith, Inc. - working with at-risk, trafficked, and spirit children (spirit children are children no longer deemed human, but an evil spirit because they are typically mentally/physically disabled.  Once deemed a spirit child, the child is at risk for being murdered.) 

Thank you to you all!
Eddie shared, "please tell everyone who loves Eddie and Eddie's family, thank you sooooo much.  May God richly bless you!"  He said, "I will not ever be able to repay you.  All I can say to you is, MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!  Thank you for all you have done!  GOD IS GOOD!" 
left to right
Dave/Ellen Bartlett (Missionaries in Bolga), Eddie/Regina Nsafoa,
Ellie Williams (Meme, Troy's mom), Troy, Casie

So, I'll leave you with that!  Much love to you all...I'll keep you updated...


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Eddie with Baby GN and caretaker (isn't he getting big!!)
Since our initial trip to Ghana, Troy and I have maintained and cultivated a relationship with Eddie Nsafoa, like so many others. Eddie is truly a man after God's heart. He carries an authority and gentleness very rare or seen in this world. His love for his country and his people make him an amazingly, beautiful soul. In the last decade, Eddie and his family have dedicated their lives to saving souls, planting churches, helping mission teams from the states, and more recently helping YOne Step InFaith with necessary details and care related to supported children. Eddie has become a part of our team, our family.
You may be aware; the Ghana Cedi has been plummeting in value, causing significant inflation issues. Yet, the citizens are not receiving increases in wages. And, local missionaries, like Eddie and his family, who live by faith, are significantly impacted. Eddie has not had any mission teams or sources of income for quite some time. Because of this, he has been faced with the reality of returning to the regular workforce as a driver to try and earn some wages. By doing this, he will no longer be able to help commit to helping YOne Step InFaith, as he had in the past.  He will no longer be able to help other mission teams when they return to Ghana, as he had in the past, and most importantly he will no longer be able to consistently continue God's work of ministry in rural unreached villages. His family is in extreme financial need. Sharing these details is not meant to dishonor Eddie or his family, but to share a real need for someone we love so much and desperately need to continue the work God is doing through YOne Step InFaith.
Coincidentally, YOne Step In Faith is in the process of establishing NGO (nonprofit) status in Ghana. We will be required to employ or appoint an Executive Director, and establishing this position with a National would be very beneficial. Although this is much earlier than YOne Step In Faith had anticipated, we are prepared to offer Eddie a full-time employment opportunity with us, if we are able to raise enough funds to cover his salary...
Click the link below to learn more about how you can help  YOne Step InFaith and make a difference in Eddie & his family's life.