Isaac & Ama Update: “They’re mine, all mine. They’ll get special treatment when I go into action. I treat them with the same consideration and kindness that parents give the child who honors them. Once more you’ll see the difference it makes between being a person who does the right thing and one who doesn’t, between serving God and not serving him.”Malachi 3:17

Isaac & Ama:

We’ve learned the level of education in their village is MUCH lower than we originally understood.  Although they have all As & Bs and they are currently ranked #1 & #3 in their JSS1 class (would be like 7th grade in USA), their academic level is more like slightly below P6 (6th grade).  In Ghana, unlike the USA, students finishing up JSS (we refer to as Junior High School) take an entrance exam to enter into Senior High School.  Not all students pass, not all are accepted into Senior High School, and those who are accepted are not all necessarily are able to go.  Those who pass are sent to the public school they are assigned, and this school may be in a totally different city in their country.  Basically, Senior High Schools are mostly boarding schools.  Through prayer and discernment, we have all agreed, these two children need to be in a private boarding school NOW, to ensure they are receiving a better education to ensure their performance is more in line with their actual grade level.  By doing this NOW, it will ensure they pass the Senior High exam. 


Isaac dreams of being a doctor and Ama a nurse or teacher.  We know God plants seeds and dreams and we want to follow His lead.  Just as he brought these new details to light on their education, He provided through sponsors and donations the necessary funding to transfer them to a Christian boarding school.  This week was their first week in the new school.  We will get an official update later tonight, but we were able to hear they were SOOOOO HAPPY!!  They love their new school and the excitement of their new life.  Troy and I were sharing with our children at dinner the update on all the kids, and as we talked about Isaac and Ama, we talked about how they must feel and how their families must feel.  By doing this, it helps to know what to pray for.  The kids were comparing their village life to the new life at a boarding school.  Toilets.  They shared now they have toilets.  A bed.  They now have a bed, not a mat on the hard, dirt ground.  Time to learn.  They now have time to do their homework, with teachers pushing them to study, study, study.  Peace.  Our little Isabella shared, now Ama has peace to know she can learn more and not always taking care of everyone else first.  How about that!  Our oldest Taylor said they are probably happy and sad.  Their families are probably happy and sad.  They are happy and excited for the opportunity, but sad to leave be away from family, home, and the life they know.  He said it is probably hard at night.  So, he and our middle child prayed for sleep and rest even though they were away from home.  I am sure they are all right.  I know a different culture makes a big difference.  In a country where boarding school and/or being raised by people besides your parents, for a better opportunity - is common.  Yet, children are children…so I will join my children in praying for them and their families. 

The school is 10 minutes from Eddie & Regina’s home.  Right now, the school is in 3rd term of the school year.  They will enter in P6 (6th grade) and they will be required to repeat 7th grade, yet they understand it is better to start fresh, than to struggle later.  The children, their village, parents, headmaster of current school…are all SOOOOO excited for this opportunity!  They told us, their dreams have come true, for Isaac and Ama to get a BETTER education.  Let me share, it takes a lot of supplies (clothing, personal items, etc) for the children to attend the boarding school.  As Eddie and his wife Regina took the children from vendor to vendor to obtain the necessary supplies, they had shared their story and how they came to have this opportunity.  So many of the vendors stopped the children in their tracks and told them - DON'T WASTE THIS - STUDY HARD! This is gift that is rare and they should take it very serious. Eddie kept saying they were told - it is VERY SERIOUS. Eddie shared, these vendors don't even know me, but even they know this is a huge miracle and opportunity. I am sharing with you, so you can see the culture and how much this touches even those who are selling their supply needs.  Please be in prayer for the children as they enter into this new journey.  Snip-it of day-in-the-life of boarding school:  Children get up, do their chores (cook/clean, etc), school work, then go to school...return home and repeat chores/school work, then bed. Now, of course they are getting baths and eating in there as well. I'm just sharing they are kept pretty busy, not much idle time and very structured. They learn to work together, and everyone is working - not just girls! They love the opportunity to have a GREAT education!! Praise God for all He is doing!!

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